For welding services in Johannesburg…

Look no further. We offer welding services and we work with all metal types. This includes aluminum welding, steel welding, and welding of other metals. So if you are looking for a welding company in Johannesburg, give us a call.

If you need welding outside Johannesburg, we can still cater to you. This is because we do both on-site and off-site welding.  Simply request a quote and we shall give you the best offer for welding services anywhere in South Africa.


Save with our Welding and Fabrication package

You can save a lot if you combine your welding with fabrication as a single service. And that is because we design, weld, fabricate and supply steel piping to your specifications. Further, our on-site fabrication ensures minimal waste because we fabricate exactly according to requirements.

Therefore enquire about our welding and fabrication service. We cater to Gas and metal arc welding, Gas and tungsten arc welding, spot welding, stick welding for all types of metal installations. Also, we do all fabrications, including drawing, casting, cutting, folding, forging, extrusion, machining, and punching.

Welding, Fabrication and Coating

Enquire about our on-site and off-site services on welding, fabrication, and coating. We are happy to consult and issue an estimate for your project.
Pipe and Flinge

Get any coating that you need

We offer all types of metal coating services, for instance, Polyurethane Coatings, Zinc-Rich Coating, Epoxy Coatings, Alkyd Coatings, and Acrylic Coatings. Therefore, whatever your coating needs, let us help you.

Furthermore, we have mastered all techniques of coating. This includes dip coating, brushing, spraying, spin coating, flow coating, and roll coating. So give us a call and we shall be glad to help with all your coating needs.


Our Quality Control is very strict!

Welding is more than joining metals. It takes a very keen eye for detail to achieve good welding standards. For this reason, we maintain a very detailed checklist for quality control. First, we ensure that are no cracks or holes in the bead.

Furthermore, we maintain uniform waves in the width and height of the bead. This guarantees that there are no distortions in the finished product. But that is not all. Our welders are experienced and very passionate about their job.