Pipe and Flange

HDPE Re-inforced with Steel Mesh

HDPE pipe can be reinforced using steel mesh. This will increase its pressure resistance and increase its longevity. Let us assess your piping requirements and make you the appropriate steel/plastic combination.

The solution can save you more costs and is easy to design and install. Our applications include both industrial and domestic use. So if you are looking for cost-effective piping for high pressure conditions, let us know.

Pipe and Flinge

Corrugated Polyethylene Reinforced with Metal

Our solutions for plastic reinforcements include the use of metal to strengthen Polyethylene. This method is easy to design and install and could provide a quick solution for PVC reinforcement.

We use this type of metal reinforcement in situations of low-pressure flow, eg. For rain water and waste water flow. Give us a call for assessment and design that will work for your specific case.

We install Steel, Concrete and HDPE piping

We do the fabrication and installation of steel and plastic piping of all sizes and dimensions. This includes new installation, repair, and rehabilitation of existing pipes.
Pipe and Flinge

PE Pipes reinforced with Steel

For water flow with less than 10 pressure, we can offer an alternative plastic reinforcement solution. This will involve the PE material getting extruded to form a plastic belt, which is then welded to form the pipe.

The applications for this type of pipe wide, including, water transmission, recycled water pipeline, water irrigation pipelines, water diversion pipeline, pressure sewage pipelines, and other low-pressure applications.

Pipe and Flinge

Steel Reinforced Pipes

Steel reinforced plastic pipes could offer a cost-effective solution for building pipes that last long. However, there are different types of reinforcement methods and each method has a specific use.

Therefore if you a solution for steel-reinforced pipes, get in touch with us. We shall be glad to do assess your case and design provide the correct steel reinforced pipe. Our designs and long lasting and easy to install.