Roof Stractures

We build all types of Roofs

Roofing is one of the most visible parts of your house. So get the right roofing to make your house complete and beautiful. Talk to us and about the available roofing options and designs.

We do all types of roofing, eg. Steel trusses, Wooden trusses, interlocking tiles, etc. Our solutions are affordable and tailored to your exact need. So do not settle just for any roof. Go for a roof that will look good for a long time.

Roof Stractures

Steel Frames and Trusses

Enquire about our steel frames and trusses for roofing. Our steel trusses provide the best lightweight technology combined with superior strength. They are ideal for all roofing types and sizes.

The common applications for our steel trusses are factory roofing, storage houses, churches, halls, and even private houses. We do both on-site and off-site design and installation.

For Roof Design and Construction in Johannesburg…

Contact us. We design and build roofs for all types of houses. This includes timber roof trusses, light steel roof trusses, exposed roof trusses, interlocking tiles, etc.
Roof Stractures

Timber Trusses

We provide several types of timber trusses at very competitive prices. Our trusses include both ready-made designs, and customized designs. Regardless of the design you choose, our trusses come with A19 certificates.

Some of our timber trusses include King and Queen Post, Fink, Fan, Double and Triple Howe, Modified Scissors, etc. Contact us for a full list of trusses and their applications. We shall be glad to assist.

Roof Stractures

Ready-made and Custom Trusses

We supply both ready-made and custom trusses. All our trusses and quality-checked and can be assembled onsite and off-site. So if you are looking for trusses that are specific to your building, then talk to us.

We have experience in customizing trusses to the most unique roofing requests. We have done designs for churches, specialty storage places, and other unique construction designs. If it is a roof, we can build it!