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Sloping Kerb

Our variety of Sloping Kerbs are designed to handle all vehicle weights. So talk to us if need Kerbs installed anywhere. We install residential areas and industrial sites where big machines are driven.


Garden Kerb

Keep your office and home garden looking neat all year-round with our Garden Kerbs. Not only are our Garden Kerbs beautifying, but they also prevent soil movements that could destroy your pavements.

Our Kerbs are SABS approved

We know that Kerbs are meant to last. Therefore we apply the most strict quality control measures to bring you Kerbs that will stand any corrosion, impact or temperature and humidity changes.
Water infrastructure companies

Barrier Kerbs For Straight Sections

Apart from ensuring the safety of drivers in different lanes, Barrier Kerbs also control water flow, a crucial factor in the longevity of roads. We have experience installing Barriers Kerbs for Straight Sections on both public and private roads.

Water infrastructure companies

Barrier Kerbs For Curved Sections

Our Barrier Kerbs cater to different road needs. For instance, the Barrier Kerb for Curved Sections come in different specifications in line with municipality requirements for driver safety in sharp turns.

Water infrastructure companies

Edge Beam Kerb

The Edge Beam Kerb is meant to protect pavements along a road with steep slopes. Quality Edge Beam Kerbs will ensure that the pavements do not shift at all regardless of weather conditions.

Water infrastructure companies

Semi-Vertical Channel Kerbs

Channel Kerbs are designed to give the road proper drainage and provide a safe barrier to vehicles. Talk to us about Quality Channel Kerbs that will withstand all weather and road conditions.