Pipe and Flinge


HDPE (Hyper-density-Polyethylene) plastics are good for a wide range of applications. For instance Food and Chemical storage and distribution, and even the making of toys. This is because they are resistant to most solvents, and have high UV resistance.

Therefore, if you need piping for outdoor, or for industrial and domestic purposes, consider using HDPE. We can assess your construction project and recommend the correct HDPE for your case. So talk to us.

Pipe and Flinge


For cold water drainage pipes, consider using PVC. We supply and install both schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC, everywhere in South Africa. In addition, our range of PVC’s include PVC-U, C-PVC, PVC-O, and PVC-HI

Talk to use about your specific piping requirements and we shall get the PVC that is suitable for you. Some applications include transportation of natural gas, pressure pipes for drinking water, or toilet drainage systems.

Use the right pipe and avoid leakages.

A pipe is not just a pipe; Different fluids have different pressure and corrosiveness. So pick the right pipe and avoid costly leakages. You can choose from HDPE, PVC, MPVC & TPVC.
Pipe and Flinge


For bulk water flow, you may need to use our quality MPVC pipes. MPVC is much stronger and more ductile than the uPVC, and they comply with crucial South African standards for quality and safety.

Therefore, if you need to handle the flow of bulk water in residential or commercial buildings, get in touch with us. We shall do a project audit and design the best MPVC pipe network for you.

Pipe and Flinge


Apart from your usual PVC pipes, we also deploy CPVC pipes. CPVC pipes are useful for highly chlorinated domestic water, because of their resistance to chlorine damage, and their tolerance for high temperatures.

We have experience deploying CPVC pipes in different industries, for both indoor and outdoor installations. So do not just use any PVC pipe. Let us help you pick the best piping solution for your case.