Pipe and Flange

Flanges for High Pressure Flow

We build welding neck flanges and blind flanges for cases of high-pressure liquid flow. For instance, if you need to control high-pressure fluid flow in an industrial plant, we can design for you, and build it.

Note that, our weld neck flanges cover all the standard dimensions in South Africa today. Call us for an inspection and let us help you select the design and dimensions that are suitable for your piping needs.

Pipe and Flange

Pipe Flanges for Low Pressure

Apart from high-pressure pipes, we also design and build flanges for low-pressure flows. These flanges include socket weld flanges, slip-on flanges, etc. and they are ideal for low-pressure, low-temperature fluid flow.

Typically, these low-pressure flanges are used in cooling water lines, low-pressure compressed air lines, firefighting water lines, and lines for substances such as oil, steam, gas, etc. So talk to us about your piping needs.

We Do All types Pipes, Flanges and Bends

There are different types of pipes flanges. Let us help you select the best for your case. Whether it is a high or low-pressure fluid flow, we can help design and/or build it for you.
Water infrastructure companies

Flanges for barrels, columns and vessels

Your piping project will most likely include sections with barrels, columns, and storage vessels. These require specialized flanges. And you can talk to us about it. Our specialized long welding neck flanges cater to all sizes of piping extensions.

So, let us do an inspection and get you the best quotation for our weld neck flanges. We offer full on-site inspection and design. We can design and build, or simply design the piping for you.

Pipe and Flange

We offer Pipe Bending Services

Besides the design and installation of flanges, we also offer full pipe bending services. Our pipe bending services cover all types of pipe sizes and materials. We do ram-type bending, roll-bending, and compression bending.

In addition to pipe bending services, we also supply ready-to-use pipe bends. So get in touch with us, and see if we have ready-made pipe-bends for your project. This could save you a lot of costs.