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We construct layer works in all road types

Our experience in layer works construction is wide and varied. We have done layer works under all traffic conditions. This includes national roads, residential roads, and roads in city centers.

Layer works and construction

Our layer works Quality control is strict!

We build roads to last. Therefore, when doing quality control, we are very strict with our quality control measures. For instance, we always achieve a Collapse Potential of 0-1% in our road layer works.

We apply Best Practice in Construction

As a construction company in Johannesburg, we always use industry Best Practices in the choice of material and techniques for our road construction. This includes hiring from local communities.
Road works and pavings

We construct new Layer works

Regardless of the type of road, we can construct new layer works starting from the roadbed, until the final layer works. All the layer works are laid out carefully, with each layer being quality-checked before starting the next layer.

Road works and pavings

We also rehabilitate Layer works

Roads require maintenance, and we have the tools and skills to do just that. Our rehabilitation of layer works includes the elimination of ruts and potholes, and environmental rehabilitation to prevent soil erosion.

Road works and pavings

When constructing, we take responsibility

Road layer works construction may lead to some damage. But we take responsibility for the repair of damages that may occur during or after the construction until the road works are handed over to the employer.

Layer works

Insist on Quality layer works

We work with top-quality material for all our layer works construction. So insist on a proper and transparent audit of our choice of materials and techniques. We are happy to oblige and provide any required reports.