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For a quick and cheaper construction company in Johannesburg, consider our design-build services. We shall provide the construction design and do the actual construction for you. The results will be better savings and speed of completion.

general building

Construction management

Construction Management requires good coordination of all aspects of construction. This includes coordinating people, budgets, equipment, and contracts required for success. So talk to us about construction management. We are a construction company in Johannesburg with a countrywide reach.

Construction Site Development

Buildings do not just happen! They are built from the ground up, beginning with sensitive site development processes. We can help you with a good environmental checklist for your Construction Site Management (CSM)

Quantity surveying

For your construction to be complete on time and on budget, you need a good quantity surveyor. That is why we are here. As a leading construction company in Johannesburg, our quantity surveyors will ensure that all bills of quantities and other documents are completed on time and with precision.

General Building

General contractor in Johannesburg

As a General contractor in Johannesburg, we know that safety and performance is not an accident. We have experience with sub-contractors, as well as handling the full construction work ourselves. So if you are looking for a General Contractor in Johannesburg, we got you covered!

General Building

New Constructions

Each construction matters to us. Therefore, our Site Supervision team leaves nothing to chance. They coordinate all the landscaping, tiling, carpentry, plumbing, and electricals, to make the new construction successful from the ground up.

General Building

Construction re-model in Johannesburg

We cater to the ever-changing construction needs, from home renovations, to completely new remodeling and rebuilding. Our clients come from all sectors including homeowners, commercial buildings, schools, and public buildings.