valve installation

All types of Valve Fittings

Different situations call for different types of valve fittings. For instance, you have a welded fitting or a non-welded fitting. For this reason, we always inspect first so as to provide you with the correct valve fitting.

We do threaded connections, flanged connections, and welded connections for different types of valve fittings. Our experience is vast, and we work with the best global suppliers for valves. In addition to installations, we also supply valves.

valve installation

We have Valves for All applications

We stock, distribute and install valves for all types of uses. Our valves are used in different sectors eg. water reticulations, mining, Paper and Pulp, Food processing, Irrigation, and supply of drinking water.

Therefore, whatever sector you are in, we can get the correct valve for you. Just request an inspection and quote. We work with all leading suppliers both locally and globally, and we shall get you the best valves.

Valve Fitting for all pipes

Valves are fitted to connect the straight sections of pipes or tubes, and for other purposes such as regulating the flow of fluids or even measuring the quantities. Let us get the right valve for you.
valve installation

We stock different Valve types

There are many types of valves used in South Africa today. But luckily, we work with all of them and we can therefore pass our experience to you. Simply get in touch and we shall help you find the best valves for your case.

Our valves include socketed valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, Needle valves, diaphragm valves, ball valves, plug valves, and pinch valves. So, whatever your need, we can supply and install.

valve installation

Need help selecting Valves?

With the many types of valves and applications, you need to work with experienced contractors for your piping work. We shall help you select the right valve for your piping work.

First, we do a thorough assessment of the flow of fluid to determine the temperature and pressure requirements of the pipes and valves. We also look at the corrosiveness of the fluid. After the assessment, we pick the valve that will work for you.